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Dear Creator,

We are at the beginning of the biggest abundance shift ever in history to create what we want into the world with Web3. There has never been a better time to build your vision using the internet, leverage social media's organic traffic, & achieve your highest potential in your creative endeavor.

As much as I love Web3, Decentralization, & tech, the true purpose of these letters is not to talk about tactics, but to primarily teach you the foundation! So no matter if Web3, social media collapses, or a new platform arrives, you will be equipped with practical actions & wisdom! (from Philosophy, The Bible, History, & Spirituality)

These Letters Will:

  • 💞Increase Your Social Value, Attraction, & Self-Love
  • 💵Increase Your Income, Leverage, & Systems
  • 🍏Increase Your Energy, Vitality, & Physical Longevity
  • 🌟Increase Your Connection With The Infinite Potential Hidden Inside You

I write these letters for my future sons & daughters.

I want them to be able to just pick these letters up,

spend a couple of minutes reading them,

and instantly improve their lives from it.


The formal education system sets people up to become employees.

There needs to be another form that sets people up to become Entrepreneurial & Wise.

My goal is to make the culmination of these $9/mo letters more valuable than a +$25k college tuition.

To the point where you finish a letter & you crave more! (like an addiction almost haha!)

This also gives beginners a chance to read these letters instead of spending tons of money on courses. A price that would've been affordable for my 15-year-old self while & enough to cover the shipping, supplier, & extra mailing fees.

I'm not writing these letters to make money.

My main source of income is from my marketing agency. However, the price will still gradually increase up to $100/mo in the future. The more my business experience grows, the more wisdom I accumulate & the quality of content increases (which increases the price naturally)

But If you lock in your seat at $9/mo now, for example, you will never have to worry about paying that much in the future.

The price you get in at will be the same price you will pay as long as you're subscribed for.

Who Writes These Letters?

I do! My name is Elvis. I'm a guide & lover of wisdom. I'm someone who woke up from the system in 2015. I've spent the last couple of years building multiple failed business ventures. Yup, Failures with a capital F! But from those failures came lessons. My goal with these letters is to help you avoid some of my mistakes with Ecom, Agency journey, & regrets in life.

What's Inside Each Letter?

Take a look at the previous topics 👇

Posimistic Letter 011 - April 1st, 2022

  • 💧SIGNS OF DEFICIENCY: +15 Signs Of Physical Deficiencies To Lookout For Your Health
  • 🌟BITE-SIZED WISDOM: Lessons Learned Last Month
  • 🌟EGO EVOLUTION THEORY: March Updates
  • 💵SYSTEMIZED AGENCY JOURNEY: March Lessons Learned
  • 💵Thoughts on Coffeezilla & Fake Guru Busters
  • 🌟How To Create Big Ideas
  • 🌟The Power of Self Initiations / Rite Of Passages
  • 🌟How To Create The Perfect Protagonist Character
  • 🌟Stress Equals Growth
  • 💞Every Successful Friendship Needs A Healthy Reality Check Ritual (Steal mine)
  • 🌟False Ego Thoughts To Watch Out For

Posimistic Letter 010 - March 1st, 2022

  • 🌟FREE PROTAGONIST SHEET: Why I Included One For Each Of My Subscribers
  • 💞SUCCESSFUL DATING PLAN: My Life Plan For Finding A High-Quality Partner & Having A Successful Relationship
  • 💪MUSCLE BUILDING CALISTHENICS: How To Get Lean & Yoked Working Out At Home
  • 🌟BITE-SIZED WISDOM: Lessons Learned Last Month
  • 🌟EGO EVOLUTION THEORY: February Updates
  • 🌟Why It's Difficult Niching Down
  • 💵Here’s Why You Shouldn't Hire For Skill First
  • 🌟The Purpose Of Life
  • 🌟Read This Every Morning
  • 💵The Only-Ness Statement
  • 🌟The 9 Step Protocol To Release Trauma Therapists Use

Posimistic Letter 009 - February 1st, 2022

  • 💞How To Use Love To Heal Everything Using Only The Power Of Consciousness (My 75-Day Results) (THE RICE EXPERIMENT)
  • ♾️SPIRAL DYNAMICS YELLOW: Core Truths, Values, & My Notes
  • 💵How To Create SOP’s To Systemize Your Life, Make It Easy To Win, & Hard To Lose (STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES)
  • 🌟BITE-SIZED WISDOM: Lessons Learned Last Month
  • 🌟EGO EVOLUTION THEORY: January Updates
  • 💵AGENCY JOURNEY: Going From $0 To $100,000/mo: January Logs & Plans
  • 💵Quick Negotiation Tips From Harvard Business School
  • 🌟How To Quit Porn Without Resistance
  • ⚡Paul Chek’s Advice For Integrating Tech & Intuition
  • 💵How To Charge $5k/hr As A Coach (My Notes)
  • 💞Wisdom For People Who Want To Find High-Value Partners
  • 🌟Best Videos Of 2022 Playlist (Link)

Posimistic Letter 008 - January 1st, 2022

  • 🌟💵🍏💞 The Results You Will Get Following MSM Vs. The Opposite (MAINSTREAM ADVICE AUDIT with +20 Objective Truths)
  • 🌟EGO EVOLUTION MODEL: December Updates
  • 💵AGENCY JOURNEY: Going From $0 To $100,000/mo: December Logs & Plans
  • 🌟What Are You So Afraid Of Losing?
  • 🌟How To Avoid Ending Up With A Life Being Told What To Do (By Force)
  • 🌟+24 Journaling Questions To Ask Yourself At The End Of Every Year

Posimistic Letter 007 - December 1st, 2021

  • 💵+25 Best Purchases That Increased The Quality Of My Life & Are Perfect For Christmas Shopping (BEST PURCHASES EVER)
  • 🍏How To Finally Quit That Bad Habit Once & For All (NO RELAPSE NOVEMBER RESULTS)
  • 🌟EGO EVOLUTION THEORY: November Updates
  • 💵AGENCY JOURNEY: Going From $0 To $100,000/mo: November Logs & Lessons Learned
  • 🌟TikTok Content Creation Tips
  • 🌟An Observation On How To Treat God Well & Why Some Prayers Don't Get Answered

Posimistic Letter 006 - November 1st, 2021

  • 🌟How To Turn Your Life Into A Movie & Live In Alignment With Your Highest Self (THE PROTAGONIST SHEET)
  • 💵The Mini Program To Rewire Your Brain For Becoming A High-Value Service Provider (ABUNDANCE TRAINING)
  • 💞The Reason You Haven't Been Successful In Biz Or Dating Life (THE ROOT OF HAPPINESS)
  • 🍏How To Reset Your Brain To Re-Experience Massive Amounts Of Happiness For Life Again (DOPAMINE FASTING 101)
  • 💵$0 TO $100K MONTHS AGENCY JOURNEY: October Logs & Lessons Learned
  • 💞Great Spiritual Ice Breaker To Use On High-Quality Women
  • 🌟"Magical" Leadership Advice
  • 💵 Content → Conversations → Conversions
  • 🌟The 5 Video Game Components We Can Use To Make Life More Enjoyable
  • 💞Why I Stopped Posting On My Personal Instagram
  • 🌟You Can See What People Value By...
  • 💞Swoleations 3:16
  • 🌟My Spiritual Teacher's Thoughts On Psychedelics
  • 🌟Raw Thoughts On Heaven & Hell
  • 🌟Eliminate Fear Of Failure In 30 Seconds
  • 🌟High-Value Way To Ask For Favors
  • 🌟On Trying To Save Someone

Posimistic Letter 005 - October 1st, 2021

  • 🍏All My Gym Playlists For Workout Gains & Enjoyment (+572 Bangers)
  • 🌟+30 Setbacks Life Gives Us To Grow & Get Stronger
  • 🌟The Cure To Perfectionism
  • 💵Business Mindset Shift
  • 🌟The Time When A Human Changes
  • 🌟How To Listen To Feedback For Your Artistic Creation
  • 🌟Why I Stopped Using A Gratitude Journal
  • 🍏Solutions For Global Warming
  • 🌟How To Deal With Politics
  • 💵A Simple Bonus To Include In Your Offer
  • 🌟How To Tell If You're Wise (Quick Test)
  • 🌟Favorite Mindset Last Month
  • 🌟Success In Today's World
  • 🌟My Thoughts On TikTok

Posimistic Letter 004 - September 1st, 2021

  • 💵How To Raise Your Prices & Counterintuitively Increase Sales The High-Value Way (THE VALUE OF PRICE)
  • 🌟How To Use This New Perspective To Let Go Of Worry & Increase Happiness For The Things You Already Have Right Now (INSTANT HAPPINESS BOOST)
  • 💞+16 Scenarios To Increase Attraction In Sales, Relationships, & More (HIGH-VALUE VS. LOW VALUE)
  • 💞How To Be Un-Cancelable
  • 🌟How To Enjoy Experiences Intrinsically
  • 💵The Power Of Clickbait & How To Use It Ethically
  • 🍏The Chad Food Pyramid

Posimistic Letter 003 - August 1st, 2021

  • 🌟How To Help Your Loved Ones Awaken & Reach Their Highest Potential (NEW MENTAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT MODEL)
  • 💵How To Work Towards & Achieve The Highest Level Of Wealth (& Avoid Losing It All)
  • 🌟+77 Biggest & Best Ideas That Helped Me Become Successful (SELF-HELP FOUNDATION)
  • 💵How To Invoice Clients Properly
  • 🌟How To Gain 1 Million Subscribers In 2 Months [Case Study]
  • 🌟How To Avoid Getting Manipulated
  • 🌟How To Persuade People
  • 💞How I'm Currently Using Social Media & How I Would Design My Own App To Increase User Happiness
  • 🌟How To Tell If Your Content Is Amazing [Quick Test]

Posimistic Letter 002 - July 1st, 2021

  • 💞How To Communicate Your Value & Get The High-Quality Women / Friendships You Want Without Trying (THE BACKWARDS LAW)
  • 🍏How To Make Your Immune System Healthy & 110% Ready To Fight Off Any Disease (PANDEMIC-PROOF HEALTH)
  • 🌟How The Deals We Make With Ourselves Result In Dissatisfaction (DEALS WITH THE DEVIL)
  • 🌟How To Change The World
  • 🌟How To Create Addicting Stories People Will Be Obsessed With
  • 🌟Life Is A Game: Why Getting Your Wildest Desires Quickly Leads To A Life Of Suffering
  • 🌟Why Hospitals & Dentists Charge A Lot Of $$$$ When They Can Easily Charge A Lower Price
  • 💵How To Sell Courses/Paid Content In The Age Of Free Information Everywhere
  • 🌟How To Tell If A Show Is Programming You

Posimistic Letter 001 - June 1st, 2021

  • 🌟How This Simple Psychological Model Changed My Life & Will Help You Understand Human Nature (MENTAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT THEORY)
  • 💵Best Videos of 2019, 2020, 2021 Playlists (+287 Videos)
  • 🌟+45 Secrets Society Never Told Us (THE COUNTER-LOGICAL NATURE OF LIFE)

...And More Every Month!

Take a sneak peek at some future topics below! 👇

  • How to stop wasting time & use every minute productively in your day
  • How to overcome depression & wake up energized!
  • How to get motivated to do hard things
  • How to live life with purpose & make your dream life a reality
  • How to make money online
  • How to add +X hours back of free time in your day
  • How to know what you need to do every single day to achieve your goals
  • How to become fulfilled
  • How to know yourself
  • How to reprogram your brain for success
  • How to get back on track after off days
  • How to control your emotions instead of them controlling you (My go-to method for expressing my emotions for long term health)
  • How to communicate with others leaving them with positive feelings towards you
  • Best Method to gain self-belief & confidence in yourself (learn this & you won't need anyone else's belief except yours)
  • How to live the Posimistic Lifestyle effortlessly
  • How to live the posimistic lifestyle on a budget (you can do this no matter how much money you have at the moment)
  • How to stop falling victim to your ego & make it your b**** instead
  • How to cure your addictions forever
  • How to live to the posimistic lifestyle at any age (you can do this at any age)
  • How to make stepping outside of your comfort zone feel normal instead of scary
  • How to resolve your insecurities & stop letting them hold you back from living life to the fullest

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BONUS #1 - Personal Lessons Learned Each Month

Not only are you getting the massive topics listed above, but you're ALSO getting mini topics every month as a bonus too! 3 exclusive sections:

🌟BITE-SIZED WISDOM: Lessons Learned Each Month

💵AGENCY JOURNEY: Going From $0 To $100,000/mo: Monthly Updates


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15 Pages Max (No Fluff, No BS)

You'll notice that I've intentionally put a limit of 10 pages per letter MAX so I don't waste time or yours with extra wording & fluff. Our time is the most valuable asset we have, I won't waste it. Consume, then apply.

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The Posimistic Letter - The Monthly Print Letter For Creators & Entrepreneurs to Self Actualize Their Potential. [Digital & Physical Letter]

2 ratings